Day 2/3

Normally I should have written this yesterday, but as I had guessed I didn’t sleep on my second flight which was much longer than I thought it would be and so I fell asleep as soon as I got into my room and lay down on my bed. I am now more or less rested and about to head out on the quest for food, so what better time to do a quick update on how my journey has been so far. Anything actually New Zealand related will have to wait until I have had the chance to actually do anything of note.

My last leg of the great quest to New Zealand took me on New Zealand airways, which I had only heard of before when they briefly did an air safety video with people dressed up like Lord of the Rings. So I was disappointed that instead I was treated to Bear Grylls running about doing his shtick whilst also being able to tell us the standard safety briefing. It was one of the more bizarre videos I had seen in a while, and given the amount of time I have spent on the internet this is saying a great deal. After that nothing out of the ordinary happened on the journey, apart from watching a few more films that I hadn’t managed to see up until then.

Now, I had been warned beforehand that it was winter over here and that I should expect it to be cold. It was still a bit of a shock to realise what 10 degrees Celsius felt like again, after being spoilt by the Asian sun for most of this year. Thankfully I had packed accordingly, or this would be one of the most miserable holidays I had been on. Musing on this, I was struck at just how cute an airport could be. I’m not sure this is what they were aiming at with the Maori design and ambient animal noise going on all around me, but it definitely came across as that. I’m going to have to find out a lot more about Maori culture because they certainly seem to have embraced it fully over here.

After a very quick passport control and a not so quick bio-security control (where my walking shoes had to pass the “not carrying foreign contaminates” test of a quick look over) I finally met my friend Ramya again after two and a half months, almost unrecognizable in winter clothing. I was then treated to a quick tour of Queen street, where most of the shopping is located and some food, I checked in to my hostel. Never before have I had to go through so much description and faff before even checking in properly. I was handed three different cards relating to membership this and wifi code that and the finally my keys. One of the most difficult hostels I have ever faced to simply get in to, but I was finally greeted with a bed, where I immediately slumped down on and slept until morning.

Now it is time to do some more touristy stuff and track down something to eat. Until tomorrow then.

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