Day 1(ish)

So this is my first entry in my travel blog to New Zealand, and as of yet I’m still not quite there, but in fact in Hong Kong International Airport hoping to finish this before my battery dies. It is at times like this that you start to fully appreciate what it means to be travelling for 35 solid hours, of which I am very certain I only slept half an hour. This means that I am in a little bit of a fugue state at the moment and not entirely sure where or when I am, like a less interesting version of Doctor Who’s assistants.  Enough moaning about how exhausted I am, lets talk about my journey so far.

It started off extremely well, it that I was on what is possibly one of the shortest flights possible between countries that lasted the whole of 40 mins. This probably gave me a false sense of time going by quickly, so I was genuinely looking forward to the stint between Munich and Hong Kong. I was, until I realized that I had been spoilt by the Singapore Airlines entertainment options, and couldn’t find most of the films I hoped to watch to help the flight pass (those wondering why I didn’t sleep, I just do not sleep on planes. Don’t ask me why, I just can’t). Did mean that I was able to watch a film that I had seen as part of a sizzle real a while ago but not heard about since: Gambit. This is a travel blog so I won’t go into detail, but lets just say it was okay for what it was, although you do want to smack Colin Ferrell across the face for being so pathetic. Or maybe that’s just me on a day to day basis. Aside from that it was your standard long distance flight, nothing interesting happened and we all landed safely.

This part is where I started to become a bit more confused and slightly bewildered. As soon as I got out of the plane I was greeted by a large information sign which said that I had to ask about my connecting flight to New Zealand, so I did. The response I got, and this is verbatim, was “Please wait a mo-go to desk W1.” I don’t know whether my brain was too tired to process the intervening time where she checked her clipboard and then told me, or some controlling 3rd party changed the audio track halfway through.  It was, to say the least, somewhat baffling. Which segways into a bone I have to pick with HK airport. Now, I understand that security is always a concern, and that it is probably a sensible policy on paper. But maybe, just maybe, we can assume that in the intervening time between me getting OFF my plane from Munich and going through to the departures lounge, a whole 10-15 mins, I was not able to suddenly get upon my person dangerous or illegal goods. it would make the whole process that much more straightforward, but whatever, you are the boss.


I should probably wrap up this somewhat rambling diatribe before I start going into really uninteresting details. Next time will be in New Zealand proper, and if I know me, I’ll be even more tired confused than I am now!

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